There is no independence in nature.

Natural laws are the only laws that we need to be conscious and
respectful of. Everything else is a fictitious control mechanism based
on our unwillingness to take responsibility for our thoughts and
actions. If we teach each other how to think, we will no longer need
to be taught what to think. Current social structures will soon
collapse and our beliefs will change. We can never achieve perfection,
but we can think better and do better. We must shed our sheepskin and
restore proper balance to our planet.

The highly successful Terminator series of movies were a direct ploy
to make us humans fear that machines would take over the world and
eliminate the human society, thus creating an air of fear as we see
our relationship with technology. We absolutely require machines to
take over the laborious tasks for us so we can be FREE do what we
want. We no longer need to be slaves at the expense of profit.

There is hope for us as long as we’re willing to re-think what we
really want for each other.

Our human Operating System has become obsolete and needs to be
updated. It’s time to change.

The link below will intelligently inform you of the obvious breakdown
in the human experience and how we can create abundance for every
human. The solutions are simple. We simply need to stop living in a
state of need for profit and compete with each other.

Unconditional love is the only way. I love you. Please inform yourself
and imagine the world as it can be.

Take the video below with a grain of salt. There is value in the overall information.


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